Dip Powder Soak Off

Dip Powder adheres to nails better than gel polish alone.  As a result, it will take much longer than to soak off.  Bear that in mind and let's proceed.

You will need:  a coarse file, cotton, foil, plastic gloves (optional)

FILE off the top layer if the dip powder.  Use a coarse file, and remove as much of the powder as you can.  We prefer to remove half the dip powder by file and soak the rest off.  The more of the powder you leave on your nails, the longer the soak off will be.

SOAK the nail with acetone (or polish remover).  Liberally soak a piece of cotton larger than your nail with acetone and wrap in foil. Heat will accelerate the process so put on plastic gloves.  *Use a larger piece of cotton than you would with gel polish soak off and heavily soak it in acetone.

WAIT 15-30 minutes and check one nail; depending on thickness of powder.  Unlike gel polish, you will use the cotton w/ acetone and wipe off the powder.  Use a circular motion and allow the cotton to absorb and dissolve the powder like if you were removing glitter polish.
If the powder does not come off completely, rewrap the nail and wait another 10 minutes.  Repeat as appropriate.

MANICURE your nails and apply a natural oil over cuticles and nails.  Allow oil to absorb and apply lotion as needed.

**This video is for gel polish removal, use it as a guideline only**